Fenton Road Gates & Verges!

Dug a few small ditches this morning in an attempt to drain the water from the edge of Fenton Road. Clearly, the road was widened at some point and this is the element of the road that has failed recently.

It still isn’t wide enough to accommodate HGV’s and Tractors faced with oncoming traffic and there are no passing places to help the situation (except those made by heavy plant). I believe a huge fail by Highways.

I managed to wash down the smaller of the two gates on Fenton Road, as it was completely splattered with mud while the diversion was on-going in Autumn. Max, washed the “Thirty” and “Stubton Village” signs too.

It’s also clear that some people enjoy going off road and wrecking the verges. I spent a little time sweeping the road of the larger debris off the road nearest the gates (can now see the “30” on the road.