S24 – 0292
Posh Paws

Retrospective application for the demolition of 2no. buildings, reuse of an existing building, and the erection of 3no. new buildings on the site (2no. erected and 1no. proposed). The installation of 40no. solar panels on land within the site. | Posh Paws, Hill View, Stubton Road, Claypole Lincolnshire NG23 5BP

S23 – 1974
Park Cottage

 Demolition of existing dwelling and replacement with three traditional dwellings, landscaping and existing access retained. | Park Cottage Fenton Road Stubton Lincolnshire NG23 5DB



S23 – 1755
Briar Lodge

Proposal: Proposed replacement of rear conservatory with single storey extension and single storey monopitched extension.

S23 – 1575

Proposed first floor extension to side, single storey rear extension, new canopy alterations to existing outbuilding and detached garden room.

S23 – 1493

Non Material Amendment to retain the roofing over the existing front projection of proposed plan.

S23 – 1252
Park Cottage

Demolition Of Existing Dwelling And Replacement With Three Traditional Dwellings, Soft Landscaping And Associated Hardscaping. Existing Access Retained.